QF Junior Speed ​​Chess Championship: Maghsoodloo beats Xiong in ball

GM Parham Maghsoodloo narrowly beat GM Jeffery Xiong in Monday’s quarter-finals of the Junior Speed ​​Chess Championship presented by ChessKid. The Iranian general manager came back from a three-point deficit and decided the game in the last ball games.

The next quarter-final match will be GM Haik Martirosyan vs GM Arjun Erigaisi which will be played on Tuesday August 3 at 11:00 am Pacific / 8:00 pm Central Europe.

Live broadcast of the match.

Like the first quarter-final, this match between Maghsoodloo and Xiong was very close. The shorter the time control, the better Maghsoodloo began to play. In the end, he won with just one more victory.

The five-minute game was anyone’s game until Xiong finished with two wins to put the score at 6-3. The last move of the first game is nice:

Maghsoodloo came back straight away winning the first two 3 | 1 matches, but Xiong recovered and that segment ultimately ended in a 4.5-4.5 draw. This meant that Xiong was still three points ahead in the ball segment.

Still on the ball, Maghsoodloo started with two wins. After two draws, Xiong fought back to further extend his lead to two points but, after a draw, Maghsoodloo went on to win three games in a row to take the lead for the first time. He then held the final match to a draw to win the match.

The very first ball game saw Xiong goof with a complete bishop but miss out on a win anyway. There was a fun tactic noticed by commentators but not gamers, who both smiled when FM Mike Klein told them about it:

“I think I was more motivated than him because he already beat me last time in the Junior Speed ​​Chess Championship,” said Maghsoodloo, referring to their match two years ago. “I really wanted revenge!”

Although he has been leading in points for a long time, Xiong said he feels a bit lucky during blitz matches. “I think I stole more points in this section. I felt really lucky to have the three point lead in the ball.”

Xiong won $ 361.61 based on winning percentage; Maghsoodloo took home $ 750 for the win plus $ 388.39 in percentage for a total of $ 1,138.39. He advances to the semi-finals where he will face GM Raunak Sadhwani.

All the games

Junior Speed ​​Chess Support
The 2021 Chess.com Junior Speed ​​Chess Championship is an online competition for top junior players. Qualifiers for the event took place June 7-21, while the main event runs from July 1 to August 8. Players are vying for their shares totaling $ 35,000 and a spot in the Speed ​​Chess Championship later this year. More info here; live games here.

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Girls Club featured in the New Yorker and the Wall Street Journal

Jen Shahade with Katherine Zhuge, Nashville 2019

US Chess Women and our Girls Club have been featured in both the new york magazine and the wall street journal in articles published on July 26 and 17 respectively. The first was a presentation by Women’s Program Director Jennifer Shahade on the impact of Queen’s Gambit and the chess boom on girls and women in chess, as well as the many benefits the game brings to girls.

“As the obstacles for girls in chess collapse, more women will enjoy the benefits of the game. They will get lost in the game, meet people from different backgrounds and strengthen their cognitive muscles and confidence. and their decision making. Street newspaper


Grandmaster Hou Yifan, currently the top ranked woman in the world, at the 2016 St. Louis showdown. Photo: Spectrum Studios

the New York magazine play, written by Louisa Thomas, starred Grandmaster Hou Yifan and also featured several prominent members of the chess community, including the highest-rated player of all time, Judit Polgar.

“The US Chess Women Initiative has a strong and growing girls’ club program.” – The New Yorker

Judit Polgar herself was a recent guest. Polgar’s session drew hundreds of girls, as she regaled us with stories of her favorite games and her most memorable stops.

Since April 2020, the girls’ club has hosted over 100 online sessions, from college workshops to legendary talks.

This week’s Girls’ Club is offering a Thursday session by popular WGM coach Katerina Nemcova on “How to Study”.

This will be immediately followed on Friday at 10:00 a.m.ET, with a cross-cultural session with American chess girls in contact with girls from Kenya, Namibia and Botswana. In Friday’s session, girls from Nigeria will join us, thanks to the Chess-in-Slums initiative.

Sign up for the girls’ club mailing list here, find out more about our programs here, and donate to support our program here.

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Checkmate: Local boy to organize free online chess lessons for students

A student from Fairhaven Primary School wants to share his passion for playing chess with other young people in the community.

He hopes to do so by offering free online chess lessons, which he says will bring back positivity as the country faces a deadly third wave.

Gareth Maistry (12) told the Rising Sun he fell in love with the game of chess after his father, Gregory, taught him how to play when he was seven.

“My father is an excellent chess player. I downloaded apps, read books and watched a lot of videos to improve myself at chess, ”Gareth shared.

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He will host free online chess lessons via Zoom from Wednesday July 14 to Friday July 16.

“I host these online chess lessons for students aged 10 to 12. Please join me via Zoom between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. to learn the game of chess. This is a beginners course. I will explain the history of the game, the rules, etc. Gareth added.

He shared that he will virtually speak to other children through the word chess.

“It’s hard to get out and socialize during the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and learn in a responsible and safe manner. Join me for an exciting, free and educational course, ”Gareth said. You can contact him at 067-226 2452-for more details.

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Os Karl-Olivier | Chess game on the waters of Tokyo

In 2008, Quebecer Karl-Olivier Bon participated in his first Olympic Games in sailing. Thirteen years later, at the age of 40 and crossing a long depression, he got back on his sailboat and sailed the waters of Tokyo.

Katherine harvey pinard

While many Quebec parents register their children for hockey or soccer, Carl-Olivier Bonne has decided to register them for sailing at the Beaconsfield Yacht Club in Montreal.

“At first, I didn’t like it very much,” says the main person concerned. I wanted to be fair to my school friends, but my parents wouldn’t let me.

Everyone called Oliver when he was young, at 14, when he started competing, fell in love with the sport, he recalls. He liked the combination of physical effort and mental effort of “playing chess on the water against other boats”.

Over the years, the young Oliver proved himself in sports until he competed in his first Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008. There he was 29 years old.I and last place in the men’s 470 event.

“As an athlete it wasn’t a great experience, but as a person it was amazing,” he says.

Photo provided by Sail Canada

Os Karl-Olivier

Upon his return to Quebec, he learned that he was suffering from depression.

“It was a problem that I had for a long time,” he says. The saucepan overflowed. It was after the Olympics that it really hit the mark. ”

Difficulty getting up, eating, staying in the morning… Bone decided to retire from sailing in 2011, when the depression was at its height.

“There is no happiness,” he explains. These are dark thoughts. It’s hard to be with friends, to work, to do all that… ”

With the help of his parents, friends, a family therapist and a psychologist, the Beaconsfield native managed to recover. In 2017, he was getting better, he says. Today, the athlete agrees to speak openly about this period of his life. Help people affected by mental health problems.

“It’s still a taboo subject,” he laments. Also because of Bell Day… Everyone says: “Come on, talk to me if you have a problem, I’ll help you! The next day, there is no more discussion. We would never do that with other diseases.

“We also need to talk about it because we have no support from the government. If we break a hand, we get help. We’re going to see the doctor, we’re recovering. But if the spirit is broken, it’s up to you to get help. It’s you who are crazy, it’s your problem. “

to come back

The veil will also play a role in the healing of Oliver Bone. During his depression he started management. In fact, it wasn’t so much the game that the people he knew were helping him.

“There was a passion for life,” he says. It wasn’t necessarily a game, but it was watching people become obsessed with their jobs. ”

For years, Bone has worked with various employees, including Jacob and Graeme Saunders. He coached the two without supporting them until the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Then, quietly, the taste for competition returned to him.

In the summer of 2019, he offered his former student Jacob Saunders to team up with him. Together, they will try to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics – barely a year before they are held!

I thought to myself: why not give it a try? The worst part is that we spent a little money, we had fun, we saw old friends and we competed at a high level. It is not a bad result. BEST: We’re going to the Olympics.

olive bone

Regardless, the duo managed to qualify for the World Cup in January 2020 in Miami thanks to a decent performance. At 40, Oliver Bone will once again represent Canada at the Olympics. When we say that age does not matter!

“I’m excited!” Said the man who now lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Oliver Bone and Jacob Saunders qualified for the Olympics just six months before the event, which was due to take place in July 2020.

Then came the pandemic. So he had more time than expected to prepare, but with prevention and public health measures in place, his life will not be easy. Due to health regulations, Bone had to move from Halifax to Chester to be able to train with his partner.

“I still have my apartment in Halifax,” Quebeker explains. Jacob’s parents had a small apartment in the basement. My dog ​​and I have moved. We came here to train. ”

Obviously, both players would like to do well in the Japanese capital, but their main goal is to have fun. Especially since they will not have much time to prepare their opponents.

If we finish first, excellent. If we finish last, then great. We’ll do our best with the time we have and see what the outcome will be.

olive bone

In Tokyo, as in Miami, Oliver Bone and Jacob Saunders will use a boat loaned to them by the American duo Stu McNay and David Hughes.

“It’s really thanks to them that we can do all of this,” he said. I was unable to buy the boat and the equipment. ”

Nor play chess on the waters of Tokyo.

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Koneru Humpy, the best Indian chess player of all time and the reigning women’s fast chess world champion, nominated for the Rajiv Khel Ratna award

Bombay, July 1: The name of Koneru Humpy, India’s top chess player and reigning women’s fast chess world champion, has been nominated for the country’s highest sporting honor. On Thursday, the All India Chess Federation (AICF) sent the Sports Ministry its recommendations for national sports awards for the year 2019-2020, with Koneru’s name at the top of the list.

The IAICF also recommended six players – world number 22 Vidit Santosh Gujrathi, former national champion B Adhiban, SP Sethuraman, MR Lalit Babu, WGM Bhakti Kulkarni and Padmini Rout – for the Arjuna award. GM’s name Abhijit Kunte was nominated for the Major Dhyanchand Lifetime Achievement Award. Viswanathan Anand was awarded the first Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Prize in 1992. Since then, no chess player has received this honor. Vishwanathan Anand and Koneru Humpy will launch the “Checkmate COVID” campaign which will provide medical and financial assistance to those affected by the pandemic.

Koneru has the best credentials among chess players to be considered for the prize. The 34-year-old from Vijaywada, ranked No.3 in the FIDE rankings, won the Women’s Fast Chess World Championship in December 2019 and recently qualified for qualifying for the Women’s World Championship in 2022 She played an important role as India and Russia shared the FIDE Online Olympiad last year.

Koneru has played in all the major chess tournaments and won many titles. She won the Under-10, Under-12 and Under-14 world titles and the World Junior Chess Championship in 2001. She currently has a rating of 2586, behind China’s Hou Yifan (2658 ) and Russian Aleksandra Goryachkina (2596). Gujrathi is the third highest ranked Indian chess player in the Open category after Anand (15) and P Harikrishna (21). It has risen rapidly in the rankings over the past few years and has maintained a rating of over 2,700

(The above story first appeared on LatestLY on July 1, 2021 at 11:58 p.m. IST. For more information and updates on Politics, World, Sports, Entertainment, and Lifestyle , connect to our website Latestly.com).

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Chess player Desmoine Bennett wins Be Someone community tournament – On Common Ground News

Top in the photo: first place winner Desmoine Bennett, 14
Bas LR: Second place winner Marcus Harris, 9, and third winners Steve Sadiq, 9, and David “DJ” Dorsey, 14

STONE MOUNTAIN, GADesmoine Bennett, 14, knocked out all of his competition in a chess tournament hosted by Orrin “Checkmate” Hudson, founder of the DeKalb County-based Be Someone mentorship program. The Be Someone program uses chess to train and teach students life skills.

Bennett, a student at Champion Middle School, stood out in the online tournament as the only female to participate in the predominantly male event. She won the top prize of $ 175, along with a chess board and other prizes.

“She (Bennett) has a penchant for chess. One day, she will be grown up. She played me and almost knocked me out, ”said Hudson.

The tournament, which took place in May, culminated with the Hudson’s 8-week “Chess for Success” online spring camp, which was offered free to DeKalb County youth aged 6 to 18 by the through the DeKalb Office of Youth Services.

Hudson said the camp is open to both boys and girls and he’s excited to welcome more and more girls who want to not only learn to play chess but also compete.

“I train students to be critical thinkers. They learn to become world class chess players. I hope to get them to participate in the Global Open Chess Tournament on July 4, 2022, which will be held in Philadelphia, ”said Hudson.

9-year-old Marcus Harris won second prize in the tournament of $ 125 and $ 100 for a rap competition called “Get in the Game”. Harris is a student at Evansdale Elementary School in DeKalb and has been playing chess for about a year, Hudson said.

Hudson said there were two students who placed third in the tournament and each won $ 75:

Steve Sadiq, 9, a student at Sagamore Hills Elementary School. Sadiq has been playing chess for about a year, Hudson said.

David “DJ” Dorsey, 14, a homeschooler was introduced to the game of chess at the Sue Kellogg Library in DeKalb County. Dorsey was around 8 when he started playing chess, her mother said.

“We had really dynamic kids in the program. It is an opportunity for them to learn and have fun. They can participate in the tournament if they wish, but it is not mandatory, ”said Hudson.

Hudson is currently accepting registrations for the “Chess for Success” camp, which began on June 5th. He said the free camp will end on July 31 with a chess tournament, offering cash and other freebies.

More information is available from DeKalb Youth Services offices:


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