World’s Best Chess Player Visits Indianapolis


One of the world’s greatest chess players faced 12 local players, at the same time. And, he didn’t hold back.

INDIANAPOLIS – There are very few like him. Aleksandr Lenderman is not only a master at chess, but a great master. A title for which he worked 10 years, and it is the most prestigious title in chess.

12 local players from the BC Chess Club in Indianapolis had the opportunity of a lifetime to face Lenderman, one of the best chess players in the world. Only Lenderman faced the 12 at the same time.

“For those who don’t like chess, it’s literally like walking on the basketball court with Reggie Miller or on the football field catching a pass from Peyton. [Manning]”said Jayson Manship, owner of Moonshot Games in Indianapolis.” It’s a really big deal. “

“They have, obviously, a bit more of a chance because I’m distracted playing other games and if they win or draw against me when I have a draw, it’s obviously a memory that they have their whole life, ”Lenderman said. who is currently ranked 157th in the world among active players.

He didn’t hold back, winning all 12 games.

“There were definitely a few games that weren’t that easy,” said Lenderman. “I had to really fight to win.”

Some of his opponents did not all feel the same.

“Honestly, probably halfway through the game, I felt bad,” said Vu Duong, a member of the BC Chess Club. “It’s hard to beat someone like that. He’s so good.

Lenderman, who lives in New York City, was in town for the Circle City Open chess tournament last weekend, but appears at events like this to help promote the game.

“It’s just a good thing for the community, for chess to build like this,” said Lenderman. “At one point I was a rookie and novice player, and I would love to play my first master, my first grandmaster and now that’s a way to give back.”


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