US has more chess players than Russia for first time: report

Russia still has the most grandmasters compared to the United States.

For the first time, the United States has more chess grandmasters than Russia. Indeed, a growing number of top Russian players are refusing to represent their nation after Vladimir Putin’s decision to attack Ukraine, Newsweek reported.

The International Chess Federation (FIDE), the governing body of chess, has released its July ranking of the top hundred players in the world. It has 13 players from the United States and 12 from Russia – the first time the United States has had more players in the roster.

According NewsweekFabiano Caruana, 29, Levon Aronian, 39, and Wesley So, 28, all made FIDE’s top 10 world players this month, placing fourth, fifth and sixth respectively, while Ian Nepomniachtchi, 31 years, is the only Russian grandmaster in the top 10, ranked seventh.

Meanwhile, leading Russian chess players including Dmitry Andreikin, 32, Nikita Vitiugov, 35, Kirill Alekseenko, 25, Alexandr Predke, 28, Vladimir Fedoseev, 20, 20- Andrey Esipenko, 22 , 22-year-old Alexey Sarana, 34-year-old Anton Demchenko and 41-year-old Vladimir Malakhov have changed to compete under the flag of the international gaming body.

Russia still has the most grandmasters (246) compared to 101 in the United States, Newsweek said further.

According to Emil Sutovsky, an Israeli grandmaster and FIDE general director, outrage over Putin’s war on Ukraine prompted several top Russian players to quit the Russian Chess Federation and join FIDE, he said. -he declares. The Telegraph.

“Five years ago, Russia had 22 grandmasters in the top 100,” Sutovsky remarked. “It’s just noon today.” It’s not because the older generation led by Kramnik disappeared from the list; on the contrary, at the beginning of the war, many great Russian chess players considered it appropriate to switch to playing under the neutral FIDE flag, Newsweek reported.

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