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I first noticed a checkerboard pattern in an Australian-based children’s clothing store. Children truly have all the right things, so it only makes sense that adults follow their example. Note that this was in 2021.

I became obsessed with this little knit set for my daughter, arguing for, like, an entire year, but never forgetting it (it just arrived the other day).

The checkerboard was everywhere last year, but we were still, like it or not, neck-deep in the pandemic.

I don’t know the definition of where we are now or if the virus is done with us yet (probably not). But I To do know that people are starting to go out again, and the checkerboard deserves to be seen.

NeverNoT green chess pendant
Mini Chess pendant in 14k yellow gold with green topaz and enamel, $1,133

Fortunately, these new additions from the beautiful NeverNoT have us covered.

The Let’s Play Chess collection, already an existing line from the British jeweler, got a mini update this month with these wonderfully fun pieces, and I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely in love.

NeverNoT Mini Chess Ring
Mini Chess ring in 14k yellow gold with pink topaz and enamel, $1,288

“The collection was inspired by a game of chess – the sporting aspect of competition and its pure scientific component. Chess is also an art,” says Nina Dzhokhadze, co-founder of NeverNoT. A black and white chess board was the inspiration (NeverNoT’s most favorite black and white color contrast, used in many pieces, was the focal point of the collection), designed in two sizes: regular and mini.

NeverNoT Mini Chess Blue Topaz Pendant
Mini Chess pendant in 14k yellow gold with blue topaz and enamel, $1,133

The mini pieces, which cover a lower price and include this latest version, include rings and pendants, with center stones in pink, blue or green topaz framed by an enamel checkerboard, in classic black and white or in Rainbow.

Queen’s Gambit Fan or not, the line is at the forefront of trends: with its enamel decoration and its very portable (and pairable) size, it is a winner on the chessboard.

Above: NeverNoT’s release of mini Chess pendants in 14k yellow gold with topaz and enamel, $1,133 each

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