The Emilia-Romagna GP will be a “chess game” with Red Bull

Laurent Mekies took the loss in the sprint race sportingly. The Ferrari race director clarified that the difference with Red Bull Racing is only minimal and that there are still chances of winning the full prize on Sunday with Charles Leclerc or Carlos Sainz.

“The simple truth is that they [Red Bull] are very strong. Not only Max is very fast, but also Checo. You could see him in his lap time” Mekies said in front of the sky sports microphone. The best man thinks the RB18 and Ferrari’s F1-75 are quite comparable in Italy.“I don’t think there’s much going on between our cars this weekend. So it will come down to small details.”

Leclerc was working to widen the gap to Verstappen at 1.7 seconds, but Verstappen closed at breakneck speed. Nothing was stopping the Dutchman and as he crossed the finish line he conceded 2.9 seconds to the reigning world champion. At Ferrari, they hope to learn from what happened during the sprint race and better prepare for the Grand Prix proper.

What is the best strategy?

Mekies: “We will learn from what happened. We all had a limited time to drive in dry conditions. We have the whole evening to analyze the data and pretty much all the tire compounds are still available. It will be a chess.” With almost all of Friday’s driving done on wet tyres, there are plenty of options in terms of strategy for the race.

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