The companions of the Inquisition verbalize the “immortal” chess game

The reference to Immortal Game is pretty awesome when we start to draw parallels between real-life chess masters and our playmates.

Dragon Age Inquisition Art featuring players fighting a dragon

Dragon Age Inquisition followed the story of Dragon Age II (sort of), and it got mixed reactions from its fans. Many have praised Dragon Age Inquisition for its combat and open-world exploration. However, many fans drew many parallels with the Witcher 3 and pointed out flaws in the Inquisition system that made the game much more disappointing.

Some fans, however, are still looking forward to discovering the various interactions of hidden characters. At Reddit, user Lethenza pointed out a little detail that featured an exchange of dialogue between Iron Bull and Solas that makes them play a game of verbal chess. Both characters have a back-and-forth shouting chess moves, and the moves mimic the exact moves from the famous Immortal Game.

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The Immortal Game was a chess match between chess masters Adolf Anderssen and Lionel Kieseritzky in 1851. On the surface, this detail is a delightful reference to a gripping piece of history. However, choosing the immortal game is pretty awesome when we start to draw parallels between real chess masters and our playmates.

Where it gets impressive is the fact that Solas’ journey in Dragon Age Inquisition parallels Adolf Anderssen’s playstyle during the Immortal Game. Adolf Anderssen makes history and wins his chess match thanks to daring sacrifices, such as abandoning his queen, his tricks and his madmen, to put down Kieseritzky. In Dragon Age, Solas had become the Dread Wolf, aka Fen’Harel, after losing loved ones, sacrificing relationships, and ultimately, it pushes him to continue his efforts to lead an army. Solas is a pretty complicated character, but his sacrifices are what made him. Hopefully in the next episode of the Dragon Age series we can explore the complicated character of Dread Wolf more.

For fans who still love playing Inquisition, the many reviews don’t stop them from finding fun exploring a rich open world and interacting with deep characters. There was a lot of love in Dragon Age Inquisition, and it didn’t go unnoticed. While Dragon Age Inquisition has its fair share of details and references, this in-game detail that references an actual event is an extraordinary display of character writing.

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