The 10 best upgrades in Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate

Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate adds serious firepower to the classic game of chess. The Royal Shotgun doesn’t make you invincible though; each time you clear a board, the enemy army becomes stronger. The good news is that you will also receive an upgrade.

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From extra ammo to special abilities, choosing the right upgrade cards can make all the difference when it comes to finishing a run. You are never guaranteed to see any particular card, and some are much rarer than others. If you see one of these premium cards between tiers, it’s almost always worth picking it up – just beware of the enemy upgrade that’s on offer next to it!


ten Raven’s Blessing

This simple upgrade gives the Royal Shotgun two additional effective range spaces. This can allow you to start shooting earlier in a level, without having to move into the threat zone of enemy knights. It also opens up the possibility of eliminate the enemy king or a threatening piece from a distance if cornered.

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When you blast the Pawn line from afar, remember to keep in mind which pieces are behind them. The last thing you want is to remove a pawn only to clear the way for a tower to eliminate you!

9 elite gem

Stat boosts might not be fancy, but they’re undeniably useful. There is a lot to be said about using the same strategy, only better. The Elite Gem allows you reload your ammo fasterand gives you extra reach space.

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Long-lasting levels can cause your ammo reserves to be strained, and having the Elite Gem in your inventory goes a long way to preventing this.

8 rightful reverence

This excellent upgrade gives your photos a fifty percent chance of pushing hit pieces back one square. It can be used to move enemies out of position and give your king more leeway.

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Even better, if you have two copies, their bonuses stack, giving you guaranteed recoil with every shot!

seven Ditch

Taking this upgrade places a gap in the middle of the board, forcing all non-knight pieces to stop when entering it. Whether you’re up against a legion of pawns or an elite force of rooks and bishops, the moat will buy you extra time to clear the ground before attacking the enemy king.

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Be warned that the Moat works both ways – you will also need to stop when entering the Moat if you use a soul to copy another piece’s movement!

If you complete a run with the Moat and two copies of Rightful Curtsy in your inventory, you’ll earn the Borders Achievement!

6 Courtly jousting

In most levels, the first pieces you will face are usually knights. If you have Courteous Jousting, this can work in your favor. Not only this card reduce your arc of fireallowing more precise shots, but also gives you an extra turn each time you destroy a knight.

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If you take Courteous Jousting, be on the lookout for Improved enemy cavalry. It spawns knights in the corner of the board on turn twenty, giving you endgame objectives to earn bonus turns.

5 Harvest of small fry

On most races, there will be a lot of pawns on the board. With Small Fry Harvest, you can turn their numbers to your advantage.

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This upgrade restores one shotgun shell for each counter you destroy. It can be useful to leave a few on the board to explode in the mid to late game, but don’t let them reach the edge of your board or they will move on to more powerful parts.

4 Royal alms

This relatively rare upgrade allows you spend two charged shells to throw a grenade onto the board. It will bounce before it explodes, so it’s not exactly a precision weapon, but it does deal massive damage to all the pieces caught in its explosion.

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Be sure to throw the grenade from a safe distance – if the explosion hits your piece, it’s game over.

3 Majestic Censer

The extra ammo capacity granted by the Majestic Censer is nice, but its real strength lies in the extra soul slot it grants. Being able to store two souls rather than one greatly expands your movement optionsmaking it much more difficult for enemy pieces to force a checkmate.

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If you also have gradual absolution, which increases your firepower for each empty soul slot you have, quickly claiming and spending souls can make you an unpredictable terror of the chessboard!

2 subtle poison

Subtle Poison is a rare card that can make a run much, much easier. It reduces the HP of all kings and queens by one, making them easier to take down. Even better, for the first fifteen turns of a level, queens are restricted to moving like kings.

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Subtle Poison is a great card to take with the king’s mistress enemy upgrade, because having two weak queens on the board means you can easily harvest their souls. Just be sure to remove them before the poison wears off!

1 black mist

By far the best game improvement card, Black Mist should be taken whenever it appears, especially on the higher difficulties. Each copy of Black Mist in your inventory gives you extra life on each floorsaving you from checkmate.

If your piece is captured while you have a Black Mist, you teleport to a new nearby space. Use the new position and all the souls you need get into a safe position and prepare your revenge.

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