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Teaser for a new romantic thriller – Checkmate – The Game Never Ends

Posted on January 22, 2022

Chess was a breathtaking game, but did you ever think it could also be mind-blowing?

This summer of 2022 will bring you a never-before-seen mix of romance, action and thrills in a multi-lingual, multi-starred film “Checkmate: The Game Never Ends”. The film is being made with a whopping budget of 25 Crores and will star Hari Vishnu, Prajakta Gaikwad, Aditi Singh and Tamil actor John Vijay in key roles and is under the direction of rookie writer and director Karthick Venkatraman. The film will be recreated in 5 languages ​​namely Tamil (primary), Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi to target a national audience.

Checkmate: The Game Never Ends is actor and producer Hari Vishnu’s fourth film following Vijay Malaya’s The Biopic of Film Industry and Miracle. His next film is also in pre-production titled “The Mughals” which will be the highest budget Indian film ever with the mega-budget of 700 crores. Hari Vishnu, a veteran cast member, has a huge market for digital and theatrical releases all over India and he aims to be the pioneer of Indian film fraternity by creating more films over thousand crores (in revenue) through his projects like “The Mughals”. He (Hari Vishnu) believes, “Our film industry is going through huge changes due to the recent health crisis in India and around the world, so now is the right time to change the way our films are presented and we should aim to reach the whole world through OTT and digital platforms.” Additionally, Checkmate also marks Marathi TV and film star Prajakta Gaikwad in the Tollywood industry.

The film will be presented by Vamana Chalana Chitra Studio Pvt. ltd. and is produced by Hoola Entertainment and co-produced by Harshveer Srivastava. The creative direction of the film is handled by Shankar K and the executive producers of the film are Ganesh Iyer and Giribabu PM (VR4U Entertainment).

The film is set to be released nationwide in June 2022.

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