Take your chess game to the next level for less than $ 2 per lesson


Want to play a game that gives your brain a good workout? Chess not only requires intense concentration, but it also helps improve your memory and deepen your focus as you play. If you’ve been too intimidated to play chess in the past, or just want to improve your skills, Chess Strategy Secrets: 2021 Ultimate Club Players Toolbox Bundle can help. And right now, you’ll have access to 28 one-on-one in-game lessons for just $ 49.99 – less than $ 2 per lesson.

The Chess Strategy Secrets: 2021 Ultimate Club Players Toolbox Bundle helps improve the moves and tactics of beginner and intermediate chess players. Start with the ground rules and guidelines for developing minor parts towards the center, then move on to the best strategies as you devour the 200 hours of high-quality content on openings, mid-parts, end-parts, and more.

You will learn chess from pros, like Damian Lemos, an Argentinian grandmaster who achieved the title of FIDE master at just 14 years old. He will guide you through Lemos Chess Masterclass, giving you a masterclass on his attack strategies. The Romanian Grand Master Mihail Marin, ten times at the Chess Olympics, also shares his knowledge of French Defense in a course. And you will also receive instruction from other chess legends like 2018 US National Chess Champion Sam Shankland who teaches Grunfeld defense, Dutch international master Robert Ris who teaches students Benko Gambit, and international master and grandmaster. Nazí Paikidze who has instructions on Endgame Memorization Shortcuts.

The Chess Strategy Secrets: 2021 Ultimate Club Players Toolbox Bundle is on sale now for $ 49.99, or less than $ 2 per class. Want to save even more? If you spend $ 50 or more in store today, you will receive a $ 10 store credit automatically added to your account 14 days after your purchase (as long as returns do not drop your total below $ 50) .


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