PogChamps 4 Day 1: Harry Mack Raps Chess Analysis


PogChamps 4 presented by Coinbase started, and the first day was quite a spectacle, featuring not the action on the board, but the enjoyable improvisation of Harry Mack with his signature freestyle rap.

The action started with Magic: The Gathering star and PogChamps newcomer Crokeyz beating veteran Pog Rubius 2-0. Sapnap then beat Mack 2-0, but Mack’s rap during the breaks stole the show. The day then ended abruptly after a match between QTCinderella and ConnorEatsPants after Connor briefly tried to play through a health alert for his cat, Bumper.

Crokeyz does magic on Rubius

The first match of PogChamps 4 was a back-and-forth affair where both players had completely winning positions, but it was the top-rated Crokeyz that prevailed over Rubius in an informative one. end of Game.

Crokeyz won more easily in Game 2, although Rubius had a possible deadlock round which he missed at the very end.

Sapnap beats Harry Mack at chess; No match for him at rap

Mack only started playing chess a few weeks before PogChamps 4 debuted, but even with more experience, his rapping skills will grab everyone’s attention. During the match breaks, Harry gave the audience some of his trademark freestyle rap, including even a shout out to the Chess.com analysis function.

Despite his novelty in chess, Harry performed well in the opening of both games. But Sapnap, who won BlockChamps in January, had too much expertise and won the game 2-0 despite some drama in Game 2.

And then it happened again!

QTCinderella wins match against ConnorEatsPants

QTCinderella started the memes early, showing up with dyed hair and a top (and even headphones) to match WFM Alexandra Botez in the comments.

Unfortunately, the match only lasted one game and it is not clear if the second will be played. ConnorEatsPants joined the Botez theme by abandoning its queen early and was never in contention.

Connor then took to Twitter to explain what had happened.

All Games Day 1

PogChamps 4 started on August 29 and will run until September 12. You can read more information about the event here. Be sure to follow the action at Chess.com/tv or Tic, or on our Events platform!

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