Player’s Own Voice podcast: Moh Ahmed’s 5,000m chess game


Endurance racing enthusiasts will tell you, the beauty of a 5,000 or 10,000 meter race is that those long, fast laps are the backbone of athletics.

Physical endurance matters. An ability to compartmentalize pain helps. Raw speed matters.

But it’s those long minutes of strategic survival… gaining and relinquishing control, testing opponents’ physical fitness, standing in a bundle of jostling spikes and making their way to the finish line. It’s the thrill of long distance running events.

Mohammed ‘Moh’ Ahmed, 30, became the fastest man in North America over 5,000m.

His duel with legendary African names in the semi-finals in Tokyo, then the capper: a silver medal in the 5,000m race – a change for the Canadian long-distance race.

That’s why the Player’s Own Voice podcast took a slightly different approach by sitting down with Ahmed today. Anastasia gave in to the temptation and had an “inside baseball” conversation with Mo Ahmed.

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