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ATLANTA—Motivational speaker Orrin “Checkmate” Hudson made headlines this week with a message for young people who want to be gangsters: “Think about it, don’t shoot it. The new weapon of choice is a king, queen, and pawn, not a gun.

“I’ve been on several TV and radio stations discussing solutions to stop crime and root out the school-to-jail pipeline,” Hudson said. “I’m doing everything I can to stop this madness. We need to let children know that we are here to help them succeed. We’re not going to let the gangs take our kids.

Hudson’s message follows a rise in violent crime across the country – murders, rapes, robberies, shootings – that authorities attribute to gangs. This gang activity was recently highlighted in Atlanta with the arrests of rappers Young Thug and Gunna, who were named in a 56-count gang indictment.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis said 75-85% of crimes in Atlanta are directly attributable to gang activity and that removing 28 defendants associated with the indictment will help ensure safety from the community.

Hudson applauds Willis’ commitment to prosecuting gang members for their crimes. He says the community must also do its part to stop the violence and he is on a mission to be part of the solution.

“As a teenager, I was a member of a high school gang involved in petty crime and on my way to destruction,” Hudson, 58, said. “A high school teacher stepped in and taught me chess. This simple act saved my life.

Hudson went on to serve in the Air Force, become an Alabama State Trooper, and was the first African American to win the Birmingham City Chess Championship.

He was inspired to start the Be Someone, Inc. mentorship program after learning that a violent restaurant robbery in New York had taken the lives of several young people.

“I knew right away that if the right people didn’t do something, bad things would keep happening,” Hudson said.

Be Someone Inc. allowed him to use his skills as a chess champion to teach children that every move they make has consequences, whether on the chessboard or in life.

“Many of these young people who commit these crimes do not understand this. They live now – not tomorrow – because no one has convinced them that they have a future,” Hudson said.

Hudson says his organization has trained more than 88,000 children, many of whom are at risk, using mantras such as ‘Heads up, pants up, top grades, never give up’, ‘Brain before bullets’ and “Think about it, don’t”. not shoot it.

“I feel like I’ve been divinely guided, incredibly blessed, and called to help young people make better decisions,” Hudson said.

Each week, Hudson dedicates an hour to connecting with the community and answering questions about the application of his work. Strategy-based training sessions are for anyone interested in transforming their life.

To invite Orrin Hudson, motivational speaker, chess champion and crime prevention specialist, to energize your next event, call 770-465-6445 or email [email protected]

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