Nakamura wins on November 2 titled Tuesday

GM Hikaru Nakamura won Titled Tuesday on November 2 with 9.5 / 11, followed by a three-way tie for second place at 9 of 11. When the dust settled, it put GM Daniel Naroditsky at the bottom. second place, GM Sergei Zhigalko in third and GM Alexander Zubov fourth.

452 players took part in Titled Tuesday this week, once again played in an 11-round Swiss tournament with 3 + 1 time control.

Live broadcast of this week’s tournament, hosted by NM James Canty III.

The consistency of a Nakamura victory in Titled Tuesday (he has nearly 30 tournament wins of all time) contrasted with the scarcity of 9.5 / 11 sufficient to win it without the tiebreaker (it usually takes the minus 10 points to win straight) made this specific winning unique. Yet it was almost true that neither regularity nor rarity saw the light of day.

Zhigalko, not Nakamura, held the only top spot heading into the final round, a position he has held since becoming the last perfect player in the seventh round. However, Zubov beat Zhigalko in the final round, with the first placing in the top four while leaving the second in third.

Nakamura took advantage of a victory over GM Mikhail Demidov to move up to first position, while Naroditsky finished second with a victory over FM Frederik Svane.

The top two players played notable matches before the last round, of course. One was their 10th round draw, while two more wins came against two other fan favorites.

Nakamura stood up to IM Minh Le in a seventh round final after finding 77 … Kxc3.

And Naroditsky beat GM Baadur Jobava in a tense sixth round bout.

November 2 Titled Tuesday | Final ranking (Top 20)

11DG@HikaruHikaru Nakamura32639.571.25$ 750
22DG@DanielNaroditskyDaniel Naroditsky3046967$ 400
316DG@Zhigalko_SergeiSergei Zhigalko2961964.5$ 150
47DG@Alexandre_ZubovAlexander Zoubov2984954$ 100
536FM@ KhazarBabazada00728128.557.75
68I AM@wonderful momentTuan Minh Le29888.556.75
75DG@FairChess_on_YouTubeDmitry Andreikin30048.555.75
814I AM@swimmerchessSiva Mahadevan29258.555.25
915DG@princessexoticBaadur Jobava29318.553.25
ten38DG@ kuli4ikMikhail Demidov28628.551.5
1117I AM@ Manticore17Arystanbek Urazayev29318.551
1225DG@IndianladSL Narayanan28898.550.75
1364I AM@vinniethepoohAditya mittal27748.543.25
1426DG@TimofeevArArtem Timofeev2887852.25
15tenI AM@MITerrybleRenato Terry2958848.75
1647DG@ platy3Alain Pichot2801847
18184FM@frederiksvaneFrederik Svane2849845
1858DG@chessdjwDenis wagner2761845
209DG@Arseniy_NesterovArseni Nesterov2953842.5
5592WIM@PotapovaMMarguerite Potapova2631732$ 100

(Full final standings here.)

WIM Margarita Potapova won the $ 100 prize for the top ranked woman.

Titled Tuesday is a Swiss tournament for titled players held weekly on It starts at 10:00 a.m. Pacific time / 7:00 p.m. Central European time every Tuesday.

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