Martinez wins on December 14 titled Tuesday

With a victory in the final round, GM Jose Martinez won the title on Tuesday, December 14 with a score of 10/11. Last week’s winner GM Jeffery Xiong came in second with 9.5 / 11. GM Alexey Sarana and NM Valery Sviridov had the best tiebreakers among the players with nine points, for third and fourth, respectively.

Titled Tuesday drew 587 players this week, the highest number since June 8. Maybe we’ll see over 600 next week. The tournament was, as usual, a Swiss 11-round tournament with 3 + 1 time control.

Live stream of this week’s tournament, hosted by IM David Pruess.

After a comeback victory over Sviridov in round 10, Martinez was the only leader with 9/10 going into the final round. There he faced GM Hikaru Nakamura, who was in a crowd of five tied for second place on 8.5 / 10. A draw to secure a tie for first place was not an option for Martinez given the situation in Nakamura’s tournament. A tense game ensued which was not decided until Nakamura surprisingly signaled with 40 … Qd4 available.

Despite his result on lap 10, Sviridov finished fourth thanks to a perfect start. No less than 10 players reached 5/5, but only Sviridov made 6/6 (before losing to Nakamura in the next round).

Xiong’s second place was quite recovering from a first-round loss to FM Marek Karas. A ninth round draw against Nakamura was the only other game Xiong didn’t win. His only second was finalized in the last round against GM Conrad Holt.

The tournament tactic came in the ninth round after Holt played 83. Qf5 + to secure the resignation of general manager Vladislav Artemiev, who had only three seconds left. As indicated during the broadcast, 83 … Kh6 would prolong the game, when the queens remain in play because 84.Qxd7 ?? is the dead end.

December 14 Titled Tuesday | Final ranking (Top 20)

NumberRkfedTitleusernameLast nameEvaluationGoalSB
15DG@JospemJosé Eduardo Martínez Alcantara3086ten71.25
24DG@jefferyxJeffery Xiong30819.560.25
36DG@mishanickAlexey sarana3031960.5
412NM@Sviridov_ValeryValery sviridov2990955.5
526DG@Oleksandr_BortnykOleksandr Bortnyk2954954.75
613DG@dropstoneDPDavid Paravian2988953.75
seven1DG@HikaruHikaru Nakamura31938.563.5
8sevenDG@FandorineMaksim Chigaev30198.558.75
98DG@DuhlessDaniel Dubov30138.555.5
ten22I AM@ Manticore17Arystanbek Ourazaev29198.554.5
112DG@SibelephantVladislav Artemiev30788.552.25
1234DG@princessexoticBaadur Jobava28998.551.25
1311DG@FairChess_on_YouTubeDmitry Andreikin29858.551
1444DG@dretchConrad Holt28998.550.25
1521DG@ Zhuu96Zhamsaran Tsydypov29368.549
1659I AM@SupernotaryAlexey mali28438.548.5
1786DG@ Saxar85Zahar Efimenko27688.547.25
1888DG@Rakhmanov_AleksandrAlexander Rakhmanov27758.543.75
19109I AM@AtabayevSaparmyratSaparmyrat Atabayev27538.543.25
209DG@viditchessVidit Gujrathi2999855.25
51154DG@GoryachkinaAleksandra Goriatchkina26557.533.75

(Full final standings here.)

Martinez took home $ 750 for his victory. Xiong won $ 400 for second place. Sarana won $ 150 for third place and Sviridov $ 100 for fourth place. The $ 100 prize for the best player went to General Manager Aleksandra Goryachkina on 7.5 / 11.

Titled Tuesday is a Swiss tournament for titled players, played weekly on at 10:00 a.m. PT / 7:00 p.m. in Central Europe.

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