Legendary chess player Gary Kasparov fixes Ace Magashule’s foul


On the night that President Cyril Ramaphosa handed Secretary General Ace Magashule a letter of suspension, he also handed over a suspension to the President. Speculation about the legitimacy of Magashule’s suspension has surfaced.


He decided to clarify comments that his suspension letter was bogus and this was followed by photos of him playing chess.

Sadly, a familiar chess follower contacted world chess champion Gary Kasparov and questioned the opening move Ace Magashule was playing in the photo. Kasparov spares no truth and exposes Magashule’s moment as a mere pose.

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He is also joined by other chess enthusiasts who poke fun at the irony of the image and his current political status.

If the Secretary-General did anything with this photo, it created more suspicion about the allegations against him for criminal prosecution due to the “posing”, as well as when he chose to share this photo .

Nevertheless, we are still waiting for more on the Ace Magashule pendant light.

Main image courtesy of Twitter


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