Jena Rose releases new “Checkmate” music video: watch


It’s here! Jena Rose embarks on the song of the summer race with his latest single, “Checkmate” – and the music video exudes great Queen’s Gambit vibrations.

“Relationships and failures have a lot more in common than I ever thought, until I have one that wakes me up,” Rose said in a statement. “‘Checkmate’ is a tribute to all the girls who had to act strategically to protect their hearts.”

Jena Rose.

Jena Rose

Fans of the Netflix series with Anya Taylor-Joy should take advantage of the music video, which documents the ins and outs of failures. The clip, directed by Veronique Zelle and produced by Franck Simonetti, shows Rose’s long-standing fascination with the game as she plays against her onscreen love interest.

As the song progresses, the musician is dressed in a yellow dress, singing her new piece while standing on a giant chessboard. In addition to her stunning voice, the music video for “Checkmate” also features Rose’s mind-blowing fashion sense. In one scene, she wears black shorts and a silver corset, and in another, she dons a transparent black bodysuit.

At the end of the video, Rose is seated on a massive throne with a dazzled crown on her head, meaning she has finally said goodbye to her ex-lover.

“The song, in general, took a lot of influence from The Queen’s Gambit,” she said American songwriter last month. “I watched this show, along with so many other people, during COVID. I was so inspired by the power of girls. Chess is one of the only sports where men and women are on the same playing field. I thought about how I could apply this to music. The game of chess is so strategic and this game is so tied to our relationships. “

“Checkmate” – written by Nick furlong and produced by Chapters – is just one track from Rose’s debut EP, Baby, Maybe, due out later this year. In 2020, the musician made her debut with her previous single “Forever Yours” with Casper magico. The song was featured in the Netflix movie Work it, who played Sabrina Charpentier, Jordan fisher and Liza Koshy.

As for what can fans expect in Rose’s future? Lots of new music! As the world continues to open up in the wake of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, she also intends to take the stage and hit the road on tour.

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