ITZY Concept Film For ‘CHECKMATE’ Gets Divided Reactions – Here’s Why

In anticipation of ITZY’s return to the K-pop scene, their concept film for their new song “CHECKMATE” is receiving divided reactions.

Here’s why.

ITZY’s #1 ‘CHECKMATE’ Concept Film Revealed: Why Is It Getting Mixed Reactions?

With ITZY making a comeback with their new album “CHECKMATE” in about 10 months, reviews are mixed.

On June 6, JYP Entertainment released a video titled “ITZY CONCEPT FILM #1” on their official YouTube channel and SNS. There, the elegant visual and individual charms of Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna were shown. The chess-inspired concept where the members digested black-and-white themed outfits drew particular attention.

As soon as the video was uploaded, people expressed their mixed opinions on the newly uploaded concept film.

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(Photo: ITZY (News1))

MIDZY (ITZY fans) praised the quintet and explained how their unique new concept suited them.

“They fit the concept well.”

“It’s different because it’s very quiet.”

“All the members are so beautiful.”

“I’ve never seen this concept of ITZY.”

ITZY Concept Film For 'CHECKMATE' Gets Divided Reactions - Here's Why

(Photo: Lia, ITZY (@liarchive, @onlyforRyujin Twitter))

Unlike the hip and upbeat releases of the “WANNABE” singers, people pointed out that the feeling of “CHECKMATE” is calmer, sparking curiosity about what kind of music the group is presenting this time.

However, some mentioned member Lia’s past controversy and raised eyebrows at her inclusion.

“I don’t want to see Lia whose school violence controversy hasn’t been clearly concluded.”

“Is Lia still in the band?

ITZY Lia school violence issue resurfaces ahead of her return

ITZY Concept Film For 'CHECKMATE' Gets Divided Reactions - Here's Why

(Photo: Lia (News1))

People expressed their dissatisfaction with member Lia and compared her to THE SSERAFIM Kim Garam who was embroiled in a school violence controversy.

In context, earlier in February last year, Lia was caught in school bullying controversy after an article alleging he was assaulted by her while attending college surfaced.

At the time, the writer claimed that the “LOCO” singer borrowed money from writer’s friend A and didn’t pay it back and bullied another friend.

The writer has since released additional authentication photos, and although the writer did not directly mention her name, suspicions have been raised that Lia was the perpetrator of the school violence. .

ITZY Concept Film For 'CHECKMATE' Gets Divided Reactions - Here's Why

(Photo: Lia (News1))

In response, JYP Entertainment sued the writer for defamation, but was eventually acquitted in June last year.

However, the company has asked the police to re-examine the case to determine who is who. Even after the controversy, Lia works on her schedule nonstop.

The incident was revisited following LESSERAFIM Kim Garam, who was embroiled in a controversy over school violence and suspended activities. Some people are upset that Lia can continue with her business while she still has an unresolved issue.

What do you think about this?

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