International Chess Day: Remembering, respecting the place of the game in history

If your life depended on winning a chess match and you and your opponent had already moved 10 times across the board, you would need Dr. Strange by your side to show you “all the possible outcomes of the conflict at come” as he said. on “Avengers: Infinity War”.

More on that later.

Long before the arrival of mobile games like Fruit Ninja, Candy Crush or the much more interactive Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, board games were practically the darlings of gamers.

Board games were – and to some extent still are – popular for a variety of reasons. First, it was a great excuse for social interaction. Friends could get together on a weeknight and spend hours jostling, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company.

However, if there were two people who wanted to take their game to the next level, chess was a good option. Chess is a game of war strategy played on a square wooden board with 64 squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid; the colors of these squares alternate between green and white.

Each player then receives 16 “coins”; each piece assigned a particular “role”. One player receives the black pieces, the other receives the white pieces. The six different types of pieces are: king (1), queen (1), rook (2), bishop (2), knight (2), and pawn (8).

The mechanics may seem complex at first, but once you’ve played two or three games with a friend, you’ll most certainly understand the basics. The next challenge is to come up with an offensive or defensive strategy that will help you win. It is during this phase that the learning curve varies from player to player.

American mathematician Claude Shannon tried to calculate the number of ways to play chess and published an article in 1950 entitled “Programming a computer to play chess”. The results were stunning. His calculations revealed that after each player moved a piece five times each, there are 69,352,859,712,417 possible games that could have been played. What about data?

Even the Sorcerer Supreme would have to do a ton of math to help you win a foolproof game of chess.

From an aesthetic point of view, some people collect different chess boards for their different finishes, colors and appearances of their pieces. There are basic ones in wood and others in acrylic or glass! This is one of the reasons why almost every household used to have at least one chessboard in the living room, either as a design piece or as a game that hosts can easily present to guests.

While the popularity of chess in all walks of life has drastically declined due to the rise of electronic mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and the myriad of mobile games available at its disposal, it has carved out a place for itself. in the history of the game.

In fact, even a modern mobile multiplayer online battle arena game like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang pays homage to the hallowed strategy game, although it has made its own modifications and calls the game mode “Magic Chess”.

From its normalization in the 1800s to the official recognition of World Chess Day every July 20 recently in 2019, the game of chess is still very much on the minds of casual fans and curious players alike. Only time will tell until a new generation of gamers pick up the pieces and rediscover their desire to share a human connection through a friendly game of strategy and patience.

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