Indian chess player Anwesh leaves Kyiv and reaches a town closer to the Polish border

Former Indian national rapid chess champion Anwesh Upadhyaya, stranded in Ukraine, managed to leave the capital kyiv and reach Lviv, near the Polish border.

The 30-year-old, who like many of his compatriots was stuck in Ukraine amid a Russian invasion, reached the western Ukrainian city of Lviv after embarking on a nearly 10-hour train journey .

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Anwesh said he would be looking to reach India after resting for a day. “I will rest for a day and then look at the logistics to reach India,” he said. PTI from Lvov.

“I am in constant contact with my parents. This will reassure them. I follow any advice provided by the Indian Embassy,” he added.

Meanwhile, Anwesh’s mother Jayshree said he managed to board a train from Kyiv after a long wait. “We have been anxious for the past few days and luckily when Anwesh told us he was in a safe place in Lviv, we felt a bit relaxed…” she said from Bhubaneshwar, where she and her husband Netaji live.

“We had a video call this morning with Anwesh and we spoke just half an hour ago. He plans to go to Poland from there,” she added.

Anwesh had moved to Ukraine in 2012 to pursue medical studies. He is doing an apprenticeship in gastroenterology in a hospital in kyiv. He had planned to return to India in March. But with the start of military operations by Russia on Feb. 24, flights were suspended, leading to uncertainty for foreign citizens. Anwesh had tried to leave Ukraine earlier but had been unable to obtain plane tickets.

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