Elon Musk’s Plan B – A forced checkmate for Twitter |

Elon Musk is obsessed with the truth. (47:50) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdZZpaB2kDM]. He’s been most of his life. Truth is crucial when it comes to rocket science physics [48:00]. Without correct solutions, rockets crash, batteries fail, and satellites fail to launch. However, Musk and his companies succeeded and reflected the truth.

While everyone around us is talking double, Musk remains a straight shooter. While Twitter preaches woke style inclusivity, they are scrambling to exclude Musk from ownership of their company.

While our current US administration preaches freedom and democracy for Ukraine, it locks up our own country and imposes unconstitutional mandates. And while the forefathers of our nation guaranteed our right to free speech even if they disapproved of what we said, the current oligarchy preaches censorship of “misinformation” as our new foundation.

When you do a search on Google Trends, you notice that the term disinformation only really appeared in the national vocabulary in the spring of 2020, coinciding with the start of the pandemic. The word is a construct used by mainstream media to justify the mass destruction of our First Amendment.

A repeated event, the pandemic, has been unleashed upon the world for the benefit of a de facto ruling oligarchy with the sole purpose of exercising control over the masses.

With this pandemic, emergency powers could be legally implemented which suspended many of our rights. As long as these powers endured, our beloved democracy could function as a dictatorship.

These “emergency powers” have continued to be invoked, although there is no urgency.

As long as the propaganda and censorship continue, many will fall prey to the false narrative of the evening news and mainstream media. In addition, the oligarchy will continue its program by constantly using planned emergencies.

For this to succeed, all major media outlets must be in the hands of the state and its fascist business partners. Google, YouTube, Facebook, CNN, NBC, CBS, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic must be on board, and most importantly, Twitter as well.

Because allowing free speech on Twitter would be more than a fly in the ointment, more than just an annoyance – hundreds of millions of Americans able to freely exchange ideas on Twitter without censorship would threaten the entire Great reset and could cause the whole plan to fail.

Musk wants a digital revolution that preserves our ancestors’ vision of a free America. He still believes in that ancient phrase: “I disagree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it.” And Musk puts his money where his mouth is.

He is a sage. You don’t become the richest man on the planet by being stupid or by making a mistake. And you bet he hires the best lawyers. So when Twitter feebly tries to come up with a poison pill strategy in a matter of hours at a board meeting, you can sense they’re desperate. Event 201 or SPARS did not foresee a takeover of Twitter. When the Trusted News Initiative was created, no one ever saw Elon Musk crashing the party.

When asked, Musk didn’t reveal his Plan B. Instead, he simply stated with a wry smile that it existed. But I knew better. Musk looks a lot like one of those chess players I met when playing tournaments. He reminded me of the grand masters who played the first two national or international competition boards.

Players of this caliber have calculated everything many moves in advance – all possible combinations of answers. So they could plan the most likely countermove in their head, assuming the opponent had made the best response. If their opponent blundered even once, they lost even faster.

But assuming they made the best countermoves, the grandmaster could often apply “forced checkmate” – no matter what their opponent did during such a combination, they lost, because all of their answers leads to the same result – losing by checkmate.

This is what Twitter is now faced with. They are dealing with a forced checkmate because no matter what poison pill strategy they can adopt, Musk is too strong an opponent. He has overwhelming financial resources, massive influence as the richest man in the world, and a gigantic following on Twitter. In short, Musk is the chess grandmaster here, while Twitter is the patzer.

To illustrate, Musk offered to buy Twitter lock, stock, and barrel for $54.20 per share — and ALL the shares. 54.20 x 799 million Twitter shares comes out to $43.3 billion. However, Musk would only need to vote for 51% of the shares to take control of the company, oust the board and undo the poison pill strategy – a much easier proposition than he already has. done. But now, with the board foolishly rejecting Musk’s more generous offer, the stock price will likely fall below the current $49.

The board’s new poison pill strategy would allow existing shareholders holding less than 15% to add additional shares, theoretically diluting the stock and making it harder to buy Musk. However, Musk’s next available strategy would be to either offer shareholders the choice of accepting the 54.20 offer — bypassing the board — or to ask shareholders to surrender their proxy voting rights to him. Either way, the cost would be considerably less at $43 billion, as Musk only needs to control 51% of the votes per share.

In addition, the board of directors has a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of the shareholder. Turning down an offer that brings billions of dollars to shareholders is NOT in their best interests. Twitter has some 799 million shares outstanding.

Twitter’s closing price on April 14, 2022 was 45.08, which is precisely 9 dollars and 12 cents x 799 million or $7.28 billion in damages in a shareholder derivative lawsuit. As the stock price predictably drops due to the board’s negligent decision, the damages increase.

And who pays for these damages?

Twitter pays. Twitter’s board decision to deny Musk’s takeover further devalues ​​the company’s stock price and further increases the damage. The more damage, the lower the stock price. Etc. You get the point. It was the height of fiduciary stupidity for Twitter to decline the offer and almost invite some implosive lawsuits. The poison pill is the one Twitter swallows on its own, as it has minimal impact on Musk, who wins either way.

But why would Twitter do this?

Because the interests of the oligarchs demand that Twitter fall on its sword. Decensoring Twitter would mean the end of the Great Reset, the end of the line for Klaus Schwab and his greedy, godless brethren. Like a floundering chess player, the result is inevitable – a forced checkmate. Twitter will lose its fight to censor and could choke on its poison pill.

The reality is that Musk’s appeal directly to shareholders is likely to succeed, rendering any derivative shareholder action moot. Once Musk wrests proxy control of 51% of the shares, it will all be over.

Empowering Twitter with free and open debate would create so much fresh air that oxygen would once again reach the minds of those under the spell of mass-forming psychosis.

The oligarchs would gladly sacrifice Twitter on the altar of The Great Reset; however, it looks like Musk’s forced mate strategy doesn’t allow for that. Twitter will likely survive in free form and eventually serve to subdue the Great Reset itself.

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