Dystrophy does not discourage this chess player

To get around even at home, he must be on an automated wheelchair. But, KSSRA Praneeth shows a tireless spirit to make the right choices on all 64 squares despite a grim battle for survival.

This 15-year-old’s passion for chess crosses all possible barriers, including mental and physical.

On Sunday alone, Praneeth, a former National Junior Disabled Chess Champion, received a special award for his “skills” in the Brilliant Trophy Open online chess tournament (3rd place in the under-15s).

“He just can’t stay away from the game. He loves to keep playing,” says his father K. Srinivasa Rao, who works at an audit firm (EY) in the city.

“Unfortunately, both sons have a genetic condition, namely DMD (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy) which weakens the muscles that help the body move, a problem that prevents them from making the proteins they need for strong muscles. healthy,” he said.

“Despite this major handicap, Praneeth was indeed preparing for the IPCA selections scheduled for April or May. But, he is now forced to abandon this plan to seek treatment in Kolkata”, explain Mr. Srinivasa and his wife Pavani.

For his part, Praneeth says failures are what keep him going and he will continue to do his best to keep making the right moves. “Yes, it’s a huge challenge given my condition. But it’s not a deterrent,” says the fiery chess player.

Ironically, Praneeth and her brother Shourie suffer from the same health condition which makes life all the more difficult for parents who are forced to find the right balance between taking care of their children’s health and at the same time letting them carry on with it. their respective passions.

Their second son, although not a chess player, participates in various sporting events. Recently, he participated in the 2020 National BOCCIA Championship.

The fact that the two young boys are forced to ignore the very idea of ​​pursuing studies is a hard blow to digest. “We are making every effort to get Praneeth and Shourie treated. This is the biggest challenge for us,” the parents said.

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