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Sorry, ‘Proto Pass’

If you haven’t read the auto-chess phenomenon yet, I’ll wait. Ready?

Okay! So you now know that DOTA Lords is the official version of Valve on Auto Chess, which is based on a mod in DOTA 2, which itself is a sequel to a game that was a mod of a Blizzard game. Maybe the above explanation is not enough. In any event, Sub-lords is a thing now, and Valve is pushing it harder than Artifact, which was supposed to have a bigger boost after being neglected for months.

As part of this push, Valve is trying to resolve all issues with the current beta format, which includes granting players free reign of the first battle pass, dubbed the “Proto Pass.” Basically, you just log into the game and you’ll get an extra level track for free, which unlocks various cosmetics like emotes and board types (a popular microtransaction for other auto chess games, which changes the arena appearance) as well as challenges. It’s literally a battle pass folks: the things that are in Fortnite and such that you keep paying money every few months on top of all the other things.

As controversial as they may be, this one is free, so if you choose Sub-lords as an automatic chess game, you are one step ahead.

Proto Pass [Valve]

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