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Algorand – a world-class blockchain powering a secure and efficient frictionless exchange founded by Turing Prize-winning cryptographer Silvio micali from MIT – will capture official ratings and title data from World Chess players on its decentralized blockchain network in real time.

This promises to bring reliability and transparency to the digital chess scoring system.

“We are delighted to partner with FIDE Online Arena and World Chess to bring digital chess ratings to Algorand’s blockchain for the first time,” said Sean Ford, COO of Algorand. “This historic moment brings the blockchain community closer to mainstream adoption, as a very popular competitive game like chess harnesses distributed ledger technology to serve as an official trust record for millions of players and fans. chess online. “

As the launch of digital chess sets by FIDE Online Arena approaches, millions of chess notes from players around the world will be recorded on Algorand’s blockchain for the first time, and universally accessible to all other platforms. chess and multimedia sites, making it a momentous event for the digital chess and blockchain communities.

Algorand’s open and public blockchain brings full transparency and automation to the digital chess ecosystem. As player ratings will be verified on the blockchain, results reports will be reliable and protected from fraudulent activity. With the Algorand protocol removing the friction of the existing model, millions of global chess players will have access to transparent reporting on one of the most popular games in the world. Algorand’s Public Ledger provides enterprise-grade scalability to meet the needs of digital chess organizations to check scores for hundreds of millions of chess players around the world. The combination of transparency, security and scalability makes Algorand the preferred platform for reliable and transparent reporting in the digital gaming ecosystem.

Six months after World Chess, the designer of the online chess experience and the company that hosted the 2016 and 2018 championship matches, announced a hybrid IPO on Algorand, World Chess relies on blockchain Algorand to further develop inclusive and modern gaming opportunities for millions of players. chess players from all over the world, including rewards and incentives for the chess community, internal currency, and blockchain-based live betting.

“It’s exciting to continue to bring innovation to chess,” said Ilya Merenzon, CEO of World Сhess. “The advent of digital games on the internet has made chess more popular than before, and we are now eager to further explore blockchain innovation for digital chess. “

World Chess will host a virtual game on June 17 where famous player Sergey Karjakin and Turing Prize-winning cryptographer and founder of Algorand, Silvio micali will compete in a match. Viewers will be able to witness the very first digital chess notes ever recorded on the blockchain.

Algorand built the first open source, unauthorized, pure proof-of-stake blockchain protocol for the next generation of financial products. This blockchain, the Algorand protocol, is an original idea of ​​the Turing Prize-winning cryptographer Silvio micali. A technology company dedicated to removing the frictions of a financial exchange, Algorand Inc. is fueling the evolution of DeFi by enabling the creation and exchange of value, by creating new financial tools and services, by bringing assets to the chain. and providing responsible privacy models.

FIDE Online Arena is the official online chess platform that awards official rankings and titles online. It hosts tournaments and ranked games 24 hours a day. The platform’s fairplay is supported by advanced FIDE approved anti-cheat software. The platform was launched in june 2020.

The International Chess Federation or International Chess Federation Chess (FIDE), is recognized by its members and the International Olympic Committee as the international chess federation, the supreme body responsible for the sport of chess and its Championships. FIDE has the exclusive right to organize the World Chess Championships and the Chess Olympics.

Chess of the world is a Londonbased media company. It is the official broadcaster of events for the World Chess Federation and a business partner of the World Chess Federation (FIDE). World Chess organized the World Championship matches in Russia, United States, and the United Kingdom. He revolutionized chess by signing the biggest media partnerships in the history of chess. World Chess is also developing Armageddon, the chess league made for television.


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