Chess player denies using anal beads to cheat in match against world champion

It has been suggested that the vibrations could have allowed the underdog to know the best move

A chess player has denied using anal beads to score a shock victory against the world champion.

Nineteen-year-old chess grandmaster Hans Niemann managed to defeat Magnus Carlsen in the Sinquefield Cup in Saint Louis.

The youngster was the lowest-ranked of the tournament’s ten players and Carlsen had gone unbeaten in 53 sessions, leading to speculation as to how he got the shock victory to go wild.

Discussing the matter on Twitter, an influencer added weight to the claim that Niemann may have used a vibrating sex toy during the competition in order to cheat.

Elon Musk even shared the video (now deleted) and quoted philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, writing: “Talent hits a target no one else can hit, genius hits a target no one else can see (because it is in your ass).”

Eventually, Niemann addressed the cheating allegations, admitting that he cheated in virtual tournaments when he was younger. However, Niemann said he never cheated on IRL.

“I’ve never cheated in an overboard game. If they want me to strip completely, I’ll do it,” Niemann offered. “I don’t care. Because I know I’m clean. You want me to play in a closed enclosure without any electronic transmission, I don’t care.

Still, social media couldn’t get enough:

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