Chess federation warns cheaters about suspension

the herald

Takudzwa Chitsiga Sports Journalist

Zimbabwe Chess Federation President Collen Tongowona has warned players suspected of cheating at local tournaments that they risk being suspended.

Tongowona was responding to allegations made against some players at the recent Easter Chess Tournament held at Joina City in Harare.

“We are very concerned about some athletes who are said to be giving up matches to their loved ones when they feel their points cannot qualify them. We need to stay professional and as a federation we are not going to not tolerate this.

“We will take tough action against anyone caught on the wrong side and make an example of you. We need to maintain our standards and make sure those who win do so on merit,” Tongowona said.

Meanwhile, Zambian chess player Timothy Kabwe, who lost the Easter Chess Open to Zimbabwe’s Spencer Masango on the last day, plans to return to Harare for the Zimbabwe Minerva Open as an athlete more concentrated.

Kabwe lost by half a point after taking the lead in the opening three rounds. He pocketed 175 US dollars. The Zambian, who was highly rated entering the tournament, proved he was a good player capable of taking on any opponent by winning six of his seven games.

“I’m very happy with the result but I would have liked to win the tournament. I came here expecting a tough competition and that’s what I faced.

“There are strong players and managing to lead the first three days gave me confidence. But somehow I lost my focus and the title slipped out of my hands.

“I am now going home and working hard as I plan to return for the Minerva Zimbabwe Open at the end of the month. The Minerva Zimbabwe Open is the biggest tournament that everyone is looking forward to so I will work hard,” Kabwe said.

Kabwe, 39, is rated 5811.

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