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By Amaya Gayle Gregory

Amaya Gayle Gregory
Amaya Gayle Gregory

I am what I am. I watch how I look. My health is what it is. The people in my life are who they are. Life on this planet is what it is. I do not have access to the wonderful seekers of perfection. I haven’t found something that the others don’t. Millions of things in life come and go, as always.

Everything is in constant motion; nothing is constant. The needle of the scale tends to the right; the needle fades to the left. Health is improving just in time for a new health crisis to emerge. Relations begin; they stammer and finish. No magic wand here.

I am not the central control, the chess master who sees infinite steps forward. I am an appearance in time and space, cool, a richly precious experience, but an appearance, nonetheless. Any time could be the end of this form. This next breath could bring my demise or breathe new life into this form. I don’t know in which direction it will go. I gave up taking care of it. Keeping busy was a waste of energy.

If there is one choice, which is the longest shot in life, it’s to be here with my experience as it is – surrender, say yes and stop squirming, stop trying to to come down from the cross so as not to feel the evil, the impermanence, the painful pain of life in a body.

What’s funny – good fun for me and I’m weird like that – is that:

I don’t have the power to choose, to say yes, to surrender and yet I am the only power, the one that powers the whole game.

I do not have a material body distinct from others; and yet, I am the very presence, I am present inside and outside of all things.

I really cannot know anything, and yet I am that of which all things, wisdom and ignorance, are known.

It is easy for forms to get confused, to attribute formless power, presence and consciousness to form. It’s like believing that the chess master lives in the rooms. Wouldn’t that make an interesting game of chess!

Seeing it clearly, living it to the end, is a game-changer, but not in the way you hope. Life goes on. Resistance occurs until it doesn’t. Billions of things keep coming and going. Seeing the game clearly does not exempt the player from the next game, from the next trip through the board.

I am This That Is and paradoxically a player on the set. I see the paradox – This I Am and This I Am – and I am a player embodying the paradox, being moved around the chessboard, not in the same foolish way I was before I was given sight, but in full consciousness.

Emptied of the need for anything other than that, I see the cosmic joke, the golden playground. I am moved, controlled and dull, and as full life plays my part, I feel my wounds, I watch my heart break and heal and break again.

Nothing materially changes. Everything done experimentally. When you don’t mind – see no point in worrying about it – life is just what it is and what a joy it is!

There is no suitable biography for Amaya Gayle. It only exists as an expression of Consciousness Itself. To speak of her in biographical terms is a disservice to the truth and to anyone who might be led to believe such nonsense. None of us exist, not the way we think. Ideas spring from words. Words flow on paper and yet no one writes them down. They just appear to be fully formed. Looking at her you would swear it was a lie. She’s there after all, but honestly, she’s not. Biographies normally speak of accomplishments and beliefs, events in time and space. She never accomplished anything, has no belief and like you were never born and will never die. Engage with Amaya at your own risk.


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