Checkmate: Royal addition to downtown Medicine Hat could be record


The king is 20 feet 11 inches (6.37 meters) and 9 feet 3 inches (2.81 m) at the base. The current record-holding piece is in St. Louis, measuring 20 feet (6.09 m) and 9 feet 2 inches (2.79 m) at the base.

The Medicine Hat Chess Club will be in touch with Guinness World Records to see if there is a new king in town.

The finished product was erected last week and news of the play has already arrived in Edmonton.

“I’ve had a few patients in the practice they came to and generally speaking they said they were amazing, spectacular, wonderful works of art,” says Taylor. “I learned yesterday from a patient in the office that even Rachel Notley had tweeted about the giant King of Medicine Hat, which was well received, as I expected, because it’s a pretty impressive structure.

The world’s largest chess set is 19 feet, four inches (5.89 m) and was certified by Guinness in 2008.

Taylor says the play’s construction and recording were envisioned by Adam Szulski almost 10 years ago and Taylor was quick to lend his support.

The construction of the room was funded by the chess club and Taylor himself, who estimates the total cost to be around $ 75,000 so far.

Taylor says they built the king, which is actually three separate pieces, out of 3/4 inch marine plywood with a bit of exotic wood accents.

He encourages people to see him downtown and treat him with respect.

“We don’t mind if you touch it with your hand, if you smell the wood, if you have pictures leaning against it, but we ask people not to climb on it and hope that no one in our community will desecrate it by. carving initials or spray painting it. Taylor says.

They will place signs at the site to deter vandalism and it will be closely watched, Taylor adds.


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