Checkmate! European chess champion Cécile Haussernot stuns in a sexy pink tank top!

Chess champion, Cécile Haussernot has shared a new photo on her Instagram page showing off her street fashion style. The 23-year-old wore a bright pink tank top with a v-neckline and a defined fit that pushed her bust.

Her crop top stopped over her mid riff baring her toned midriff as her pierced navel peeked out above the high waisted denim bottom she wore. Haussernot wore her dark hair curly and swept it to the side revealing her lightly made-up face.

In more photos shared with her more than 30,000 followers, Haussernot proves that tank tops are her favorite piece of clothing while pink could very well be her favorite color. The Frenchwoman has turned her social media page into a personal style diary, but her career is even more cerebral than that.

Haussernot is the current holder of the Women’s International Masters title and spends her time training young girls interested in playing chess professionally. She also broadcasts chess tips through her Twitch TV channel.

Professional chess is an intense indoor sport with strict rules unlike the casual gameplay many people indulge in with their friends and family on game nights. Earlier this month, Norwegian Chess Foundation chairman Joachim Birger Nilsen resigned for cheating in the 2016-17 PRO Chess League.

Another incident in the chess world happened when Hans Niemann was accused of cheating during the American Chess Championship at the St. Louis Chess Club. Cheating seems to be becoming rampant in chess games due to the growing need for recognition among sub-par competitors.

Perhaps the increased interest came from the success of Netflix’s limited series, The Queen’s Bet in 2020 with award-winning actress, Anya Taylor-Joy. Whatever the reason, it’s good to know there’s still some integrity among players like Haussernot who seek to preserve the soul of the game.

The two-time European women’s champion also loves a good landscape photo and captures picturesque moments for her Instagram feed. Sometimes she adorns the photographed landscape with her luminous beauty, especially when her outfit merges with the background.

Haussernot shared one of these photos during the summer showing off her white floral dress on a beautiful balcony in Nice, France. The mini dress was a white number with red and pink flowers printed on it and she paired it with a red bolero jacket making the dress pop even more.

We look forward to more street style and chess tips from the WIM titleholder. To see other stars who love chess, check out Kaia Gerber playing chess in a bikini.

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