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Costa Mesa-Chargers coach Brandon Staley picked the right poison when he focused on stopping the Kansas City Chiefs’ play last week. He had the safety of Derwin James deep in the field and trusted cornerback Michael Davis to protect Chiefs winger Travis Kelce.

Kelsey loosened in a few plays and the Chiefs had a light box, which allowed them to gain yards in running plays and quick passes. However, the leader had to work a total of 437 yards.

There was nothing easy going downfield, and that allowed for more mistakes as the leader held the ball longer. Starry’s game plan led the Chiefs to four turnovers. It was essential to the Chargers’ upset victory in the streets.

It seemed ideal for Starry and defensive coordinator Lenard Hill to have James Shadow Kelsey, but it would have been too predictable for a defensive plan relying on disguised cover.

Starry could implement a similar game plan against their fierce “Monday Night Football” attacks at the Las Vegas Raiders and SoFi Stadium. However, Starry does not share the game plan for Jon Gruden’s attack. Jon Gruden leads the league in total yards and assists behind quarterback Derek Carr.

However, Starry repeated himself when he shifted his praise from the Chiefs ‘offense to the Raiders’ offense on Thursday. The Raiders are similar to Chiefs with a multitude of weapons, from starting end Darren Waller to wide receivers Henry Rugs III, Hunter Renfroe and Brian Edwards.

The Raiders may also have started fending off Josh Jacobs, who was a limited participant with an ankle injury on Thursday.

“They’re built very well on offense because they do a full offense,” Starley said. “They are very well trained. They are a very comprehensive crime, where they are the same as Kansas City. They are dangerous in all duvets.

The Gruden Raiders have had a lot of ups and downs since returning to spectators in 2018, but last season they could see their attacks gaining momentum. We will be together this season with a 3-0 start.

However, Gruden recognizes the need to counter Starry’s two high security systems designed to limit down fire. Carr is one of the best passers in the league this season.

Gruden praised Starry for having Rams as his defensive coordinator last season and realized he had the same success with the Chargers.

“They have a really good press plan every week,” Gruden told reporters Thursday. “They’re in a hurry. If you don’t have a lot of time to throw and have several people covering it, it’s hard to throw the ball.

“They have a really good news program there. They can ride weak and ride hard. When you don’t know it’s one-on-one, they can play one-on-one. It is a good and effective plan. It will be difficult for us. ”

Rookie of the month

Chargers rookie Asante Samuel, Jr. received more recognition in his first month as his star in the NFL.

Samuel was named NFL Defensive Blue Key this month in September, the league announced Thursday morning.

In three games, the Chargers’ second-round pick recorded two interceptions, four pass breakouts and 103 cover shots that didn’t allow for touchdown.

Samuel’s second career assist came in the first quarter of last week when he aimed a ball that bounced off the hands of head receiver Marcus Kemp.

Samuel said he made sure he would keep football after losing football due to his first career interception against the Dallas Cowboys last week.

Staley honestly rated Samuel’s take-out, saying the Florida produce shouldn’t have been in the area to play because it didn’t cover the right wide receivers.

“If he did the right thing in the game it probably would never happen,” Starley said of Samuel’s interception. “So, are we thinking something different about her?” Are we more satisfied or dissatisfied? Either way, he’s really happy.

“The good thing about Asante is that he has a lot of self-awareness and knows where to go in his game. Winning a rookie this month is his ability. It shows, because he knew how to smell with three very good opponents. ”

Samuel trusted his aggressive teammates for some of his quick starts.

“It really started with a training camp against Mike Williams, Keenan Allen and Jalen Guyton,” said Samuel. “That’s why I’m ready for the season to fight the big (catcher). It’s definitely a good competition and I am a competitor.

Key player returns to training

Defensive tackle Justin Jones (calf) and cornerback Chris Harris Jr. (shoulder) returned to practice Thursday with a limited role.

Staley seemed more optimistic about Harris about Jones playing against the Raiders. The two defense starters missed the last two games.

“Chris tends to be positive,” Starley said. “We’re still unpacking the true range of motion and strength (on his shoulders), but I think he tends to be positive. Justin is definitely in a different place than last week, Chris is too. We’ll see what happens. ”

Cornerback Ryan Smith also trained after the team nominated him to return from the injured list. Smith missed most of training camp and did not play the Chargers’ first three games due to a trunk muscle injury.

Staley hasn’t heard any optimism about Smith playing against the Raiders. The Chargers have 21 days to decide whether to place Smith, who signed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers off-season, on the active roster.

“We’re going to use this calendar (21 days) to really make sure he’s ready to go,” Starley said.

All of the players attended practice Thursday, but Allen was a surprise addition to the injury report. Star wide out was restricted due to an ankle injury.

Banking exemption

The Chargers abandoned defensive lineman Eric Banks after three games. The bank joined the Chargers after Rams dropped him before the regular season.

The departure of the bank created a vacant place on the Chargers list of 53 people.

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