Campers take chess to new levels | local education

PAMELA COTANT For the State Journal

Campers had all kinds of reasons to spend their mornings for a week in a room at the Waunakee Village Center learning to play chess.

Simon Marx, a sixth-grader at Waunakee Middle School, said it was natural for him to attend morning Chess Wizards camp since he participated in the school’s chess club.

“I played chess a bit with my friend in the winter,” he said. “I just came to have fun.”

Aadya Sharma, a third year student at Madison Country Day School, said it was a chance to play with other youngsters since she normally plays chess on a computer, her tablet or with her father.

“I like it because a lot of times I’m not patient,” she said. “Chess just helps me strategize and become patient.”

Jackson Scheller, a fourth-grade student at Arboretum Elementary School in Waunakee, and Logan Huza, a fourth-grade student at Heritage Elementary School in Waunakee, both said they love sports, but Logan admitted that the chess had some similarities due to the strategy involved.

Nora Jimenez, a fourth-grader at Waunakee’s Prairie Elementary School, said she came back because she enjoyed camp last year. She said it was a chance to play with more people than her brother, Brody, a fifth-grade student at Waunakee Intermediate, who was also at camp.

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