But Seriously: This chess game is far from over


Johannesburg – Checkmate! No way! Checkmate means finished, finito! The king is dead! And in this case, very far from it.

This week has been more like… “your move”.

This chess game is still very active! This has been going on for years.

To verify?!

Not even close.

It has been built up to this moment from the beginning.

The first long-deceased chess player to receive the title of international grandmaster, Savielly Tartakower, put it succinctly when he joked: “Tactics is knowing what to do when there is something to do. ; the strategy is knowing what to do when there is nothing to do.

And our skillful player has been perfecting his strategy for ages.

It unfolds. Today he will take action.

Writing in a column about our infamous player – his many trials and tribulations and renowned chess spirit – the head of policy and governance at the Institute of Race Relations, Gareth van Onselen, quoted him as saying this about the board game: “Chess has a lot of calculating movements, very useful even nowadays …” You have to sit down and think, so that your movement, your action has to emerge from thinking, from calculating, of looking at the pros and cons, misleading your opponent into believing that you are moving this way and that you are moving that way. ”That’s an interesting thing.

In December 2019, when he announced he was ill, so he couldn’t even make it to Empire Hill in Parktown, Johannesburg, to answer serious questions of national importance at a meeting chaired by his “friend”, the elder was doing quite well. to attend the 11th annual chess tournament – his original idea and eponymous name – to congratulate the winners. He was a picture of health. Chess is really life! He is a big supporter and advocate of the game, even urging young people to take up board games.

He said, “Chess improves the mind as long as one develops better life skills and strategies and keeps the mind healthy.”

He said this about chess when speaking to Van Onselen: “If you play chess you won’t see how the day went… watching new moves, reading, studying the mind of the opponent, anticipating which move they could counter yours and what your move will be.

“How to capture the king – because that’s the main thing, how to capture the king – you can capture the king without taking any coins, if you are smart, but sometimes people play until very little is left.” of pieces on the chessboard.

“Sometimes they don’t call it checkmate, they call it dead end!” It’s his gesture …

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