At 5, Dhairya Shroff from Gujarat is India’s youngest female chess player | Ahmedabad News

AHMEDABAD: Five-year-old Dhairya Amit Shroff from Gujarat has become the youngest ranked chess player in India and the second youngest in the world. He achieved the feat aged five years, four months and two days, breaking the record of Sarthak Deshpande of Pune, who became the youngest ranked player at five years and 11 months.
World chess body FIDE, headquartered in Lausanne, has also confirmed Dhairya as the youngest Indian chess player and the second youngest in the world.
A spokesman for the International Chess Federation (FIDE) has denied detailed information about the age of the world’s youngest ranked player, citing European data privacy rules. The spokesperson said: “The highest rated players in the world are Amira Ismayilova from Azerbaijan with a Fide rating of 1136, Indian Dhairya Amit Shroff with a rating of 1074, Sam Ramezani from Iran with a rating of 1013 , Andrej Brajic from Serbia with a rating of 1310. and Frenchman Luca Protopopescu with a rating of 1369.”
It was during the lockdown induced by the second wave of the pandemic last year that Dhairya got hooked on the game. interest in the game. I explained the rules and moves to him and he understood them easily,” Dhairya’s father, Amit Shroff, told TOI.

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