Ahmedabad’s Sohil Shaikh wins Pune Open Chess Championship Under 2000 Fide Rating

Sohil Shaikh became champion of the 1st FIDE Open Under 2000 Pune Chess Championship at the Boxing Hall at Balewadi Sports Complex near Pune on Saturday.

The Pune Open Below 2000 FIDE Rating Chess Tournament is played concurrently with the Maharashtra Open GM tournament.

Ahmedabad player Shaikh won the title with an outstanding display of skill and temperament.

In the ninth and final round, 22-year-old Shaikh drew with Arnav Nanal of Pune after 30 shots and finished eight points away, while Nanal finished 7.5 points away.

Sohil Shaikh receives Rs 1 lakh trophy and prize money

Shaikh, who is a freshman in MCom at City CU Shah College, Ahmedabad, received a glittering trophy, certificate and cash prize of Rs 1 lakh.

Overnight board leader Sai Balkawade of Alibaug was held by Aniket Bapat, with the two tied at 7.5 points apiece. However, Balkawade managed to finish second overall.

The finalist received a trophy, certificate and cash prize of Rs 85,000. The awards were presented by Suhas Divase, Commissioner of PMRDA, and Shrikant Badve of Badve Industries.

Maharashtra Chess Association (MCA) President, Dr. Parinay Fuke, Grandmaster Abhijit Kunte, Niranjan Godbole, Chief Umpire Arokia Raj and Rajendra Shidore were the guests of honour. Several senior MCA officials and players were present for the occasion.

Results (Round 9)

Sohil Shaikh (Ind) (8) drew with Arnav Nanal (Ind) (7.5)

Aniket Bapat (Ind) (7.5) tied with Sai Balkawade (Ind) (7.5)

Ruturaj Dhotre (Ind) (7.5) drew with Nameet Chavan (Ind) (7)

Shrayan Majumdar (Ind) (7) drew with AGM Prashanth Naik (Ind) (7)

Gajanan Jayade (Ind) (7) drew with Jihan Shah (Ind) (7)

Sameer Inamdar (Ind) (7) drew with Sivathanujan S (SRI) (7)

Mihir Sarvade (Ind) (6.5) lost to Vishrut Parekh (Ind) (7)

Manas Gaikwad (Ind) (6) lost to AIM Sooraj MR (Ind) (7)

Ankit Chudasama (Ind) (6) lost to Dishank Bajaj (Ind) (7pts)

Gaurav Das (Ind) (7) vs. Dhruv Haldankar (Ind) (6)

Vigneshwaran S (Ind) (6.5) draws with Vinit Dhoot (Ind) (6.5)

AK Jagadeesh (6.5) drew with Vivaan Shah (Ind) (6.5).

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