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[imagesource: Gallo Images / Sunday Times / Alon Skuy]

It has been a fairly average few weeks for suspended ANC General Secretary Ace Magashule.

He saw the party, on the whole, turn against him, and his “counter-suspension” of President Cyril Ramaphosa was a truly pathetic final attempt to try to cling to power.

While Ace and his loyalists won’t fall without a fight, it seems Ramaphosa and the party bigwigs are sick of his shenanigans.

The only media outlet that considers Ace to have a fighting chance is IOL, which has long lost its credibility as Iqbal Survé continues to advance the RET agenda for its own benefit.

Aside from losing his battle in the ANC, Ace also ended up being ridiculed for his (lack of) sense of chess, according to this photo shared last week on his official account:

Come on, take a closer look. What room does it hold and where can it move from there?

It’s true, nowhere.

The jokes write on their own, and South Africans were quick to piss:

The humiliation didn’t end there, with a South African asking chess grandmaster and former world champion Garry Kasparov for his advice:

Kasparov responded, while apparently crying with laughter:

I love everything about it, other than the fact that a grandmaster uses emojis. We should all be better than this.

Use your words, people.

According to Business Insider SA, there is a plausible explanation for what is happening on the Ace plateau:

… Magashule was captured completing his second move – which would mean that, contrary to the tradition of the game, black played first.

It wouldn’t be totally unheard of, even at the highest levels of the game. In 2019, two champion players chose to have the blackout first, in what has been described as an anti-racist statement.

I don’t buy it.

Ace has finally been put in a corner, and we can only hope that he is now forced to pay for what he did during his tenure as Prime Minister of the Free State.



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