$ 1 million in funding on Kickstarter for this connected chess game


A connected chess game that wins more than a million euros on Kickstarter – Gecko

The new project meets with great success on KickStarter crowdfunding platform. This is a 2.0 chess game. If the success of the campaign is definitely to be tied to the Netflix series Madam game (The queen’s betHaving exploded sales of chess boards for several weeks, Chess Up has strong arguments for novice players. This connected and interactive chess game allows you to level up and develop your strategies.

During the game, the chessboard displays all the possible moves for each piece of the game, and also indicates the best locations, those which will allow the players to hold out the longest, in particular to win the game. The different possible movements on the board are illuminated in a different color depending on their quality.

Progress thanks to artificial intelligence

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Chess Up is able to identify all possible moves in real time and to offer the best possible moves. Players can choose the level of AI assistance based on their level. Over time and games, AI will help fewer players progress. They will also be able to compete against other players from all over the world thanks to the Chess Up application.

The concept seems attractive anyway. He has already convinced more than 4,300 people and his jackpot has exceeded 1 million euros in crowdfunding. Its target of 25,230 euros was also reached from the first day of the campaign launch. The first deliveries will begin in the fall of 2021.

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