Wedding loan – is this a good decision?

A wedding is an important moment in the life of every couple. Lots of preparation, positive emotions and of course … expenses. The latter spend their nights awake to future spouses.

Very often, due to lack of sufficient funds, they are not able to prepare such a wedding they have always dreamed of. So some give up several attractions, while others look for additional solutions, for example loans. However, this is not always a good idea.

Arguments for


Bride and groom usually have great hope that the wedding will be returned to them. This is very often the case. Instead of gifts, young people bring money to young people, thanks to which they can count on the fact that they will be a “plus”. To leave nothing to fate, the bride and groom sometimes ask for money directly, arranging a funny poem on the invitation.

Some time ago, such a solution might seem distasteful, today it is completely normal. When it turns out that the wedding has actually paid off itself, the money from the envelopes can be used to give back the loan. Many people think that a wedding is the same reason for a loan as a new car, renovation or trip, and if we need it, we should simply borrow money. If we are sure that we are solvent, we can confidently approach this issue.

The last issue is the possibility of adapting the loan amount and installments to your own requirements. By using the services of non-bank companies we will be able to give money immediately after the wedding and quickly forget about the debt. What’s more, thanks to special calculators, already when applying for a loan we will find out exactly what amount we will have to pay back. This should be very helpful when making decisions.

Arguments against

Arguments against

Not all of us are able to pay. In this matter, you should be completely honest with yourself. Although the wedding can indeed be paid, we are not sure that it will be so. What if the return is much smaller than expected and we are overwhelmed by debts? Not a pleasant scenario for the beginning of a new way of life.

Another issue relates to expenditure after the wedding. The wedding is an important moment, but it lasts only for one day, then we return to the reality in which your own apartment can certainly be useful. Young marriages often decide to take out a loan.

However, if they had been in debt before they could arrange a wedding, they may have trouble paying off two debts, and therefore they have to postpone plans for their own four corners for some time. This also doesn’t sound very encouraging.

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